Boracay Activities

Here is a list of Boracay Activities that can be arranged by the Island Jewel for your convenience

Learn to dive or take the advanced Padi course, even dive a wreck. From appreciation courses to expert 40m dives, almost everything is at Boracay.

Boracay diving

This is wonderful fun and there is an infinite amount of sea life to view at Boracay Island. The hotel can arrange snorkelling trips either private (in a private paraw) or with a group (in an outrigger banca). Take in all “must sees”: visit secluded Puka Shell beach, snorkel at Crocodile Island, and glimpse beautiful islets, secluded beaches and bat caves. Includes snorkeling equipment, food and drink. Please reserve 1 day before, the Itinerary is subject to weather conditions.

The clear, placid waters of Boracay are ideal for kayaking. Whether you’re an absolute novice looking to splash around the beach or an experienced peddler ready to take off on a round-the-island voyage, you’re sure to find perfect conditions, while the surroundings couldn’t be more spectacular: Boracay’s aqua-blue seas, shimmering reefs and postcard-perfect beaches could almost have been designed with sea kayaking in mind.

Spa Treatment
The ultimate pampering and Spa treatment is available on the island and is considered one of the finest in Asia, offering luxury award-winning holistic spa therapies in a safe and exclusive tropical sanctuary.

Ever thought of riding through a cool coconut grove on a tropical island? At Boracay Horse Riding Stables you can take out one of the locally bred horses, ride solo or accompanied by one of the stables’ expert guides, and discover the island’s natural beauty. The best time for riding is early morning or late afternoon, when you can avoid the noonday sun.

There is a championship golf course on 131 hectares. The course is situated in a former mango orchard. The course has a traditional parkland layout. It is set amidst gently rolling hills and winds its way through groves of trees and is punctuated by waterways and lakes.

Wind Surfing
Boracay has recently become famous as one of the country’s prime windsurfing venues. It is now considered one of Asia’s Best boardsailing Destinations.

Friendly local life

Mountain Biking
This sport has also gained popularity on the island and bikes can be hired for those with energy to spare. Guided mountain biking trips which cover Boracay’s environs or nearby islands are available to all levels of biker.

Beach Sports
Boracay is a haven not just for aqua sports enthusiasts but for inland sports buffs as well. Among the sports which Boracay has become famous for internationally are beach volleyball and soccer. International tournaments are held to promote these sports on the island.

Enjoy Boracay’s most amazing wind and fly high with top of the line equipment. Lessons & training are available in the best possible conditions. From a safe beginner area with shallow water to a great reef break for advance riders. Filipino, English, German, Japanese or Korean instructions.

Helicopter Ride
Experience the helicopter ride to get a spectacular aerial view of Boracay Island. Minimum of 2 people, maximum of 3 per flight.

Experience the joy and exhilaration of sailing on yachts to small outriggers. Enjoy the thrill and atmosphere, whether it be sailing into the sunset or cruising between islands. It is great value and a great experience. You will treasure these memories and pictures from Boracay.

Sunset Sailing
Prepare to capture the magic spell of Boracay on this breathtaking Sunset cruise. Enjoy a trip out to the sunset at sea. There is no better way to watch the sun setting.